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We believe in helping businesses get the best from their IT investment, using technology to increase productivity and profitability.

IT-HelpDesk.Co have been offering IT support for over 25 years. Based in Essex, we offer IT support and services across the South East, London and Home counties.

Aspiring to be more than just an IT support company, we aim to become our customers IT partner of choice. We are invested in the success of your business and seek to forge long lasting, collaborative relationships with our customers.

IT-HelpDesk.Co are devoted to delivering not only outstanding IT support, but exceptional service too. We take pride in our relationships with our clients and seek to take a collaborative approach, always listening to their needs.

IT is an essential part of the world today, especially for businesses, so having a team that you can trust to handle any issues is crucial. Our IT consultants have a wide range of technical expertise, fully qualified with the latest certifications and always training in order to stay up to date with the best solutions. This means we know what we are doing and can help you resolve any IT challenges you might face. Our 25 years of experience in IT support can help you to take away some of the growing pains and let you focus on the success of your business!

Your Trusted IT Solutions Provider

We have been dealing with IT-Helpdesk.co since 1996.  Since then, Michael and the team have helped us enormously with a whole range of IT services.

Many years ago, IT-Helpdesk.co helped us with the infrastructure required for our vast range of stock and components.  Our stock control and management was computerised by IT-Helpdesk.co to be fully compliant, enabling us to sell our aircraft components worldwide.  As an aircraft decommissioning company, it is vital that we have the correct systems in place to allow for the compliance and certification needed for our industry.  IT-Helpdesk.co, over the years, have supplied and maintained all of our IT and back-up recovery systems.

Whenever we are faced with a challenge, we have always found that IT-Helpdesk.co have the right solution and implement it effectively and swiftly.

IT-Helpdesk.co are integral to our business operations and we look forward to continuing working alongside them for many years to come.

Henry Hyde, Managing Director

Dora Wirth (Languages) Ltd is a language service provider (LSP) specialising in translations in the life science vertical. Our clients are essentially within the pharmaceutical industry. This means we must be able to send documentation to and from those clients, worldwide, and to and from our global supply chain of translators securely, speedily and safely.

We would be seriously handicapped without a reliable IT infrastructure. This requirement is compounded by the fact that the whole company works remotely. All our personnel have laptops and communicate with our translators and clients using a range of software.

To us, IT-Helpdesk is not simply a supplier of that hardware and software – a one-stop shop – it’s much more. It-Helpdesk is our IT department acting like an internal department of our Company. They not only provide us with technical support, minimising any outages, but also guide us on matters of security, business continuity and compliance to regulations.

IT Helpdesk have given us that all important support for many years. We are glad that we are with them, especially, during this time of the coronavirus when our business depends on an efficiently functioning virtual office.

Samuel J. Wirth, CEO

I just wanted to share a quick note and let you know that all the staff do a really good job. I'm glad we decided to work with IT HelpDesk. It's really great how easy and confidently they resolve a matter. Nothing is too much trouble any time day or night even how big or small the matter.

We truly value IT HelpDesk as a key part of our business support

Barry Waller, Director

When I purchased J Buckland Ltd 16 years ago, there was not a computer in sight! The mere thought of bringing an old fashioned industry into the 21st century filled my new colleagues with fear, let alone myself. We were in need of a company to not only provide us with hardware and software – any company can do that – we needed support and guidance and we have that in abundance with the IT-Helpdesk.

Michael and his team are on hand 24/7 to assist. When we have had issues during the night, the support has been there throughout. I would, without a doubt, recommend the IT Helpdesk to any company – whatever the size.

Good work Michael –  here’s to the next 16 years.

Danny Silverosa, Managing Director

We have been a customer of ‘IT-Helpdesk’ since 2012 and have always found them to be very professional and helpful on every occasion. They have always resolved any issues we encountered very quickly and efficiently with the least disruption to our day to day business, no matter how big or small the issue. 

During the start of the Covid pandemic, Mike and his team arranged for our users to work remotely from home with ease. I would have no hesitation in recommending them and look forward to continuing using their services.

Marisa McEwen

Mike and the team have assisted our organisation for many years.  During this time, we have seen many changes in regards to technologies and IT-Heldesk.co have always given us sound, correct advice and supported all of our needs. Our business has grown substantially over the last 20 years and this could only have been done with the right IT solutions partner working alongside us.

Martin Hart, CEO