Keep your data safe and secure

Data is the most important asset your company owns, but are you protecting it? When did you last test your backups… or sit down and work out how long it would take you to get back up and running if your premises were burgled or destroyed by fire?

IT-HelpDesk.Co have backup solutions to fit your business needs and with our managed backup service you can have complete peace of mind that your data is safe and secure.

We have invested heavily in our ISO compliant Data Centre Services making these services available to any size of business where the cost and investments would normally be beyond their reach. We have ISO certification 14001, 27001, 9001, which ticks all the boxes for your BCP (Business Continuity Plan) and insurance requirements. As well as peace of mind, you have the very best solutions in place.

Disaster Recovery

RTO and RPO or Recovery Time Objective and Recovery Point Objective is a way of calculating what sort of disaster recovery plan any business needs to put in place. We can undertake a full RTO/RPO calculation for all of our clients and deliver a backup solution that meets these needs.

Recovery Time Objective is the amount of time you can afford to be without your IT systems. Recovery Point Objective is how far back in time you can afford to go to recover the data. Different businesses have varying requirements when it comes to Recovery Point Objective and we have solutions that backup every hour onsite and 24 hours offsite.

Backup Monitoring

Once the DR plan and backup is in place, it is important that the backup solution is monitored to ensure that the required level of backups are completing and the data has integrity. Our managed backup service alerts if anything has gone wrong immediately, so we can take remedial action to keep your data protected.

Backup Solution

Forget old fashioned tapes, which rely on staff remembering to change them and consider a simple seamless backup solution that requires no user interaction.

Our image based backup solution will take hourly incremental snapshots (or more frequently depending on your RPO) of your data and securely write them to your private cloud storage location every day. This means that, unlike traditional backup methods, you will be able to restore files from any given hour, day, week or month depending on your retention preferences.

An image backup contains the entire server including the operating system and can be restored to the same or different hardware in a matter of hours. With the addition of Veeam Software you could be up and running again in minutes following a major failure – it all depends what your RTO is and how quickly your business needs to be back online.

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