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Ensuring your business is online is vital and you need to ensure that your network can handle the task.

IT-HelpDesk.Co can help plan and implement your business’ network, no matter what the size. Whether you are looking to implement a small single site business network or a complex enterprise LAN/WAN, we are here to help.


Networking is more than just the physical cables and connection to the internet, your internal network is important too. We can design the LAN so there are no bottlenecks, prioritise VoIP traffic with QoS, allocate bandwidth to applications and much more.

Structured Cabling

The basis of any network is the physical cabling. IT-HelpDesk.Co can install all forms of structured cabling from copper Cat 5e, Cat 6 and above to fibre optic. We can also install Mesh Wifi Networks as well as industrial site to site Wifi links up to 5 km line of site; ideal to link factory units or outbuildings. This is an excellent solution for CCTV and security. Whether you need a factory, whole office cabled, or some additional network points added, we can do it!

We also offer a network testing service, so if you are having issues with a poor performing network, we can fluke test and provide you with a full network report.

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